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October 28, 2005


I've seen what really gets me about this and that although it might be a broken heart it also looks as though its got teeth! Now I don't know where that leads...

Very intense image here. It gives one much to think about!

Was she wearing her heart on her sleeve...

Beautiful colours and textures and thought-provoking image!

Let's just say that everyhting you do is a big hit around here, Marie. I do love this new one and I suppose it just goes to show you that, "when you lose your head?", it could be heartbreak time!

Wow -- blown away by this. I love it when I check a new blog and my boundaries are pushed just an eensy bit further...

A female statue with no arms or head, and a heavy piece of body art hanging from a breast--why would we think you have strange, unusual, or weird fetishes?

Seriously, this is a great piece that is chock full of sumbolism. Great work.

Fascinating and powerful! I like the green tint you've given Venus to contrast with the broken heart. There's all kinds a symbolism here...chains of love, pain (the chain hanging from her nipple,,,ouch), broken heart, loss of identity (no head), powerlessness (no arms)...it really does feel broken! Excellent work!

Its a very evocative illo

very interesting!

intensely beautiful,marie!

intensely beautiful,marie!

I agree with anonymous. Best take so far on the broken heart theme. Great job!

excellent! a very strong image.

a very strong image. excellent.

The best image yet on the "broken heart" theme. Very textural and rich with a beautiful, muted palette save for the blood-red heart. Nicely done!

Yeh, yeh ... believe you ... This is a wonderful visual ... ouch that body art looks a bit heavy to carry around!

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