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November 26, 2005


not only your's
(place, that is, in the grand scheme of things)
I came to your blog through a comment on a illo friday blog, because I couldn't resist finding out how an aussie came to be lost.
I see now.
but as another one (aussie displaced) the way out is within our sight if we want to see it.
by the way your vegemite one reminded me that that is the thing that I miss the most.
I brought two 900 gram jars with me but they have long since passed into history, although I still haven't washed the second one.
good luck to you
I'll see you again
love scott

A lovely, dark piece with just enough 'earthshine' to glaze the windows with a spot of raw color. :)

Excellent! I think it's perfect that you're sitting on the moon...it adds to the feeling of remoteness and smallness. Your collage work is always so creative and compelling.

Oh, yeah. This is very good. Excellent execution.


do you think the moon is smaller than planet Earth? Don't trust high schools :)

Very Cool! I like it.

Can you see me waaaay over there on the ridge, just at the edge of the moon- about to jump off into space?? OK- just imagine it....that's moi. As Peter Pan sang: "I'm flying!!!!"
(now off to Neverland...an art day with some local artist friends who actually 'get it.'

hugs and luv!:^)) xxoo

I really like it.

lost aussie on the moon! I like it!

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