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November 11, 2005


Quite a bit different from what you've been doing but it is marvelous. Thanks for explaining it a little bit and for letting us know that there are some connections and some symbolism to be discovered for the "strong" traveller!

i love what this represents... i also love how the blades of grass slash across the image. the weathered chain creates quite an impact as well.

Thanks for the great feedback and comments. It's always helpful and much appreciated.

Well, the messages are already taken care of, so I will simply say that I love the image and what it says. The colors and composition are really strong, and the concept is really meaningful. I've enjoyed seeing your work...there's always something to think about while delighting in the image:>

As I saw this collage, I felt so enthusiastic for the picture. It's the mirror of my own mood at the moment. Wonderful, Marie! Thanks for sharing.

Messages to look for? Well I can see:

Hands across the water
All the links are strong ones - no weakest link

Earth - the metal
Water - the water
Air - the breeze blowing the grasses
Fire - the red
Spirit - the living grasses and hands
Communication and connection

And yes it is a good strong image of strength

I like your combination of colours...the green with the red. and the switch in textures. good job.

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