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February 17, 2006


Great greens, cool blues, and that dash of red lips... Way cool goop.

so cool. love all of your work. great job!

Ahhhh, glorius paint and goop! Another fine collage, Marie! :)

lovely, the expression on her face is ,mysterious, expectant maybe,very iintrigueing collage

Very cool! Love the layers and colors!!!

even though i like your digital collage i love your 'paint and goop' collage more. there is so much depth and wonderful vibrant color here that it sings!

This is vibrant! The greens are energizing and refreshing, and I really like how the music lilts across the bottom. As much as I like photocollage, I think that the traditional process has a much more exciting tactile and dimensional feeling "in person." This is lovely:>

That is such a splendid "bow-tie"!

And the song has a measure in it too... wonderful!

This bring so mind someone who is the first violin in an orchestra over-riding the conductor's directions!

I love this piece! Amazing colors - just perfect!

Love "paint and goop" collages and there is nothing regular about this one - can hear singing!

Wonderful!Do you see the finished piece in your mind before you start or does it take form as you progress?

How do you do it? You come up with interesting images at the drop of a hat. Digital, "paint and good" any of the above. congrats.

Stunning piece, great job!

Nice work! I'm glad you went with a more traditional medium.

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