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March 24, 2006


Ooooooooooh! Way creepy ... :D

Great idea! Super illo.

This is such a good idea! Great illustration.

Flipping brilliant! Technically just wonderful and just a very cool way to illustrate the topic! My favorite!

Excellent, Marie! This reminds me of The Silence of the Lambs when Starling finds the guy's head preserved in a jar...yuck! But yes, monsters should be kept contained! I adore your canvas below - those small squares are great fun to play with!

cool idea- reminds me of the dragon in a jar hoax

Heh, heh. Me too. Only problem is trying to get them in the jar.
Great illo.

Yeeow! Don't open that jar!

Creepy, strange artist's mind lurks inside...and I LIKE!


Very Cool Indeed! Those Aussies are an odd lot, aren't they.

the idea of accidentally eating some is scary - brilliantly done as usual!

Very creepy!Very well done!
I know someone I would love to give that jar to with some toast!

great idea!

That was a very good idea - he can't escape, eh? a real cruel, cool image.

SQUEEEE!! This is great :D

Niiiice. And creepy.

Oh I like this! What a great take on the theme :D

Great illustration here. I like the psychological aspect of this one a lot.

Love it, great idea - I had a hard time this week with this one!

This is great. I'd like to have a jar like that on a shelf in my office. It might keep my non-imprisoned monsters in line.

Great idea, terrific execution!

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