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March 10, 2006


ooh. cool. I love how you used her body as the receiving wall for the graffiti.

Gorgeous - this and all your recent pieces on your blog! The girl in a bubble - the age of reason! Very inspiring - amazing colors and I love the dark but so vivid look!

rich with texture and color, beautiful

as artfest approaches and we girls aren't going, i'm thinking about you all. especially that one dinner out where we made pictures with our food, heeheeeee
look forward to the next time we get together....

There is a ghost like feeling in thi spainting, a great painting and those colours are so beautiful.

great work!I like the patterns and the reddish backgroud...mhhh

Beautiful textures, lots of heart in more ways than just pictorially.

These is truly a mood piece...the colors are so strong and elemental, and the layering adds both depth and mystery. I only wish I could see a larger version, because I feel like I'm missing details. Even so, it's beautiful and full of feeling!

That is a great illo. I love it.

Another wonderful illustration!!

Very funky and grungy (in a good way!). I love the colors and layering.

This is another terrific piece, Marie. It seems very much "of the street" to me. Grafitti-like in so many ways. :)

beautiful work

Wow ! Great mix of goth/punk/gangsta art. Who was th' test subject ?


Very haunting one... I love the colours you've used too.

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