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May 19, 2006


Is she sticking her tounge out? I found this one hard to make out.

This is an excellent illustration. Conveys a sense of sorrow perfectly and I think many can relate to this, as these are indeed troubled times. Great colors as well.

What a beautifully striking piece! Very well said and done!

This is such a striking image...and a dusturbing thing to ponder. I wonder if other generations felt this way...wondered what the world would come toZ?

heartbreaking and touching! Beautiful job!

So true - so well "said". . so much emotion and contrast in the colors. Excellent illustration.

Too true. Excellent work.

can feel a lot of emotion in that..
great work.

aawww this is so sad sweetie :( Pretty, but sad.

many *mwahs* to you dahlink


This is beautiful. I love the color and at the same time the despair I see here. And I so agree. What in the world will happen to our children? Will there be any energy for transportation? Will there be anything left of the world as we know it? And if there isn't, maybe that won't actually be a bad thing - I'm presently VERY frustrated with being "American" & I cannot bear the complacency so many seem to feel. Yes, this piece really hits home with me. Thank you.


Beautiful abstract piece!

couldn't agree more

striking composition

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