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December 02, 2005


Love this piece :) Great work!

hey there lost aussie. how's things?
my dog put me on to your blue bird, of happiness or love or what have you and I agree that heart seems to be for me.
just like he said
good stuff
I wonder why I didn't think of the blue bird of happiness, I was so stuck in the blue of the blues
love scott

is that heart for me
I think it is

Really beautiful image - such nice textures and depth. Very pretty!

Glorious! I love everything about this, but my three favorite things...the color of the bird, the heart, and the way the bird looks as if it's smiling to itself. Oh...and I like the mysterious, lush, dark background with the tropical flowers... I really enjoy seeing your new work each week:>

very nice!

And of course (as I've had a sneak peek at this one) - I LOVE IT!!

:~) Mary

Really like your blue bird! Aus skies are not so blue today where I am :)

Tee hee I've just noticed (as the window was still lurking) that I've suggested that your pegs were on bloglines and not the washing line - whoops!

Nice blue bird - and I caught the blue pegs too on bloglines - I liked them too!

Wonderful illustrations with lovely colors. Blue bird for a blue sky.

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