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October 22, 2006


Oh Marie, I am sitting here fuming with you! Surely they were liable for parking you in a boggy place anyway???

How sad that they were so constrained by what might happen.

Hi Marie:

I think you bring out some excellent points in this post. First, I am glad you and your hubby were rescued from the mud. There is nothing worse than getting stuck and having your attempts dig you further into a ground.

I have no idea what has caused this significant shift in behavior. I was raised to be kind to others, help when I can, and always say please and thank you. These days, people just do not care. It is really very sad.


Gosh, that is awful, Marie! I had a similar experience last week on my way home from minneapolis. I'm dropping off my rental car and see that my daughter left her laptop in the car - she NEEDS it for school the next day. I went to one desk after another, asking if someone could please help me or suggest a place I could put the computer for her to pick up in a couple hours as my flight was about to leave. I kept getting no, no, no it's against the rules....they wouldn't let me use a locker because all the lockers are now inside the secured area. Finally, the last person and desk I had left to go too really listened to me and seemed to care - i imagined she might have had a college age student herself so she could relate. So she broke the rules for me, and put the computer in her cabinet. there are still some sensible people left in the world amongst a hell of a lot of sheep. I'm so glad your friends came and made quick work of bailing your car out.

it was so good getting some time to chat with you and aggie at art and soul - dang i didn't bring my camera on any of those lounge occasions though. and new york madelline was a real hoot - i really enjoyed her too.

take care sweetie, take with you soon.

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