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December 30, 2006


yes, what a relief to hear - that's how i want to create....

Mr Badu has it right on target. My goal this year is to come up with a brand that is totally me. It's something that I have been struggling with as a vintage artist that will set me apart from the others. You do have a style that is all your own. You're on the right path! Keep up the good work!!

Marie - thank you for this quote. I have started making a lot of wire wrapped jewelry and did one show so far and I am considering doing a lot more in the spring - I am building up inventory now. I recently bought a book about marketing and selling jewelry (although it could be about any art form). Anyway I am up to the chapter where the author is saying you "must" develop a signature style. She say's once you determine and clearly define your style, then by extension you will know who your typical customer is. I read this last night and I must say I hardly slept - I am all over the place and I have a million ideas and I am the same with my art. I was thinking there was something wrong with me. I guess Mr. Badu is giving us permission to be who we want to be and to grow with our art and also make mistakes along the way. I needed to hear this and I needed to hear it today. A style is great but not if it hinders growth and learning and I feel I am always learning. I have a friend who is painting the same way after 20 years - heck she is painting the same paintings - her answer "they sell" - this is NOT for me.

Went to new Hope yesterday with my husband - great day and great weather - we had such a nice time. Enjoy your trip to Australia and keep doing what you are doing with your art it's great.

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