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January 09, 2007


Oh no, Marie... same as me in October? Get well soon, I feel with you! Today I am back from one week Black forest and tomorrow again to Hamburg for nest two weeks. All my best wishes!

good heavens miss marie! i'll say that IS one big hiccup! find yourself some lively loud socks and a nice pillow. you're such a dear girl everyone will rush to help you. you'll make it to the homeland right as rain. 'wishing you safe travels, friend!

oh marie....i'm sorry! it was undoubtedly make your trip a bit more of a hassle but you may meet some very interesting people who want to perform loving acts of kindness for you. i hope you're pampered when you arrive home - have an exceptionally good time. I sure wish i could go visit you in australia these times...

And how in the world did you ever think of the title "One HOgDarn Hiccup' - you are too much!!! lots of love my dear sweet friend - have a wonderful stay in Oz.

I am pretty sure this will not stop YOU...it will just add more spice to the stories of your wonderful trip. Keep smiling.

So sorry, hope you don't overdue it and let it heal. Safe journey!

Poor thing!! I see lots of special treatment in your future!

My poor darlin. I was hoping that I had only dreamed this :D Your little tootsies are gonna get cold hanging out like that. I still can't believe you were cackling about it--you so funny miz Marie.

Have you and RB in my prayers
lots o love

Well, now at least you can whiz through airports on one of those little carts in style. And when you get to London the boys are there to help from then on out. Hope you aren't in too much pain, though! Lucky you if you can be optimistic, this will give you every reason in the world to hit that beach when you get home and laze around like royalty. Guess somehow you are being told to slow down. But I really, really hope you don't hurt as much as that sounds it would. ((hugs)) Mary

Oh dear. Maybe it will move you up in all those lines you'll have to stand in?

I hope you heal quickly.

Have a wonderful trip! (No pun intended).


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