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November 11, 2007


hey marie :-)
walter and i just talked this very morning about me getting a mac. after reading your post, i think maybe i won't...i only know basic computer pc stuff but i still don't want to sstart from scratch. good luck!!!
thinking of you xox

Welcome to the real world now Marie, once you're hooked you'll never go back to the pc. Although, I wasn't too happy with my Mac the last two days at work. I installed the new Leopard operating system and one of my programs disagreed with it, between them they corrupted my hard drive and I lost everything, luckily my work was backed up, but I now have to reinstall programs, fonts, settings etc. However, this is the first time this has happened to me over 16 years of Macs so I suppose that's a pretty good record.
Happy Mac.

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