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November 12, 2007


I know nothing about MACs but I know this is a great journal page! Love the use of text and numbers in the background and the distressed image.


I too am new to a MAC. I have the I-Mac and I purchased the $99 set of 25 lessons and well worth every penny! It averages to under $5 per hour for one-to-one instruction.

To BACKSPACE - hold down the fn and delete keys

If you use Safari you cannot do some of the things that you did with IE. You can't change font styles or colors or bold, underline or italic. Download and use Firefox if you must use these. Safari and Yahoo don't like each other. Firefox and Yahoo like each other.

To use a right click on a MAC you need to go to the Apple on the top left corner. Then select system preferences and then click on Keyboard & Mouse. Then click on MOUSE. Then on the diagram click on the secondary button. Make sure a checkmark is turned on the secondary button. Now just quit out of these and your right click will work.


Mother Bear is all confused, it could be Micky Mouse for all I know oxoxM

AND you can always use your touchpad and click to position yourself where you want to be. I have always had a Mac and I love it.

Yes Marie, it IS a Blythe doll! My 14 year old daughter and I each have one and we plan to sew some clothes together... after we do some altering.

I like the journal page.

Carla alerted me to your woes.

To backspace or go forward (or up or down), use the four directional keys in the lower righthand of your keyboard. (I'm assuming the Pro has the same arrangement as the MacBook.)

If you don't like Safari, download Firefox. It's a Mozilla product and may be more familiar to you.

Hope you come to love your Mac. Cheers! =^..^=

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