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April 20, 2009


"Light" is beautiful, airy and filled with splashes of color... Roxanne

This is gorgeous. And it makes me a little emotional.

Marie, thank you so much. I would email you, but gmail isn't working tonight. That is so thoughtful and beautiful. I'm very happy.

Have a great time in San Antonio!

Light is lovely. And it most certainly is "art!"

Hi Marie! This piece takes my breath away! It is totally you -- so original!


hmmmm...the middle of my comment disappeared :-)
What I wanted to say was that it annoys me when others dismiss colour photography as being less worthy than black-and-white. Sometimes people get very pretentious about it! :-)

I am constantly amazed at the arrogance and elitism in the art world. Tools are tools are tools, mediums vary -- it's all art. I get terribly peeved at those who dismiss colour photography as "not art" because it's not b likewise that only those who shoot with film are "true" photographers. Humbug! Too much negative energy being wasted in criticism, I say! :-)
Love this piece ... it seems so fresh. More please :-)

This is stunning!!
I've been so busy, but I'm glad I am getting over here to see what you've been doing. It always floats my boat.


Well, you know that there are people out there who think that if it isn't oil paint, it isn't art.

I have a friend who is a colored-pencil artist, and she gets told that it's not art, because it's not paint.............

So you *know* photography can't possibly be art, and then digital manipulation of an image................. Obviously hopeless.


Oh well. I'm going to keep on doing it, anyway.


Very modern very different thank you for sharing with us.

Great piece, Marie.

I love the digital format and you do both (digital and mixed media) beautifully.

Keep it up!


Very cool hon!! I'm cracking up because it's pretty early in the morning--but you are showing up as wide awake on messenger :D


It's stunning !! I met the same problème few years ago.... Photoshop is a wonderful tool to make art !!

Really beautiful, Marie! You've managed to marry traditional techniques and technology into beautiful works of art--whoever that's going to is one lucky gal! xo cindy

OOoooo I like this one very much. Of course it has the feeling of light, lightness, openess, but it also has a feeling of peace and hope. I feel that digital art is definitely another art form, and art is art...and beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. **blows kisses** Deborah

I love it! Your work is just stunning!
everyone has their opinion about what is "real" or "original" art and yours is definately both. After spending hours alongside you learning some ps tricks , I know exactly how much time, effort and imagination goes into your work!
p.s. your ICE collages are amazing!

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