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May 05, 2009


thank Heaven he is home safe and sound! that has to be the best news imaginable!

Great news about Ryan.
Striking image full of colour and emotion.

Hear Hear, Marie. It's SUCH a blessing. When I heard about some of the work he's been doing, I have to admit, it sounded too scary. He is an awesome guy. I'm glad he's home safely.

Marie that is wonderful news. You must be so relieved. And your image here matches the strength of emotion in your post!

Praise God your son is home safe and sound. What a wonderful mums day present : )
Blessings to you and your family
Sandra in AZ

Wonderful! I am happy about this message! Greetings to Rick.

How wonderful that Ryan is home safe and sound. I can't even begin to imagine the worry you must have experienced.

You've been doing some beautiful work, Marie and enjoy the time with your friend. Nothing like a creative week with a friend.

Did you get my supply list?


Oh thank God Ryan is home. Thank God.

I am Catholic and crossing myself a million times.

A mother must sigh the biggest sigh on hearing that news.

I am sorry for all the grieving parents.

Love Renee xoxo

I am so pleased for you that your boy has returned safely so sad not all were as fortunate. how hard it must be for you when he is away. thought to you all.

I have tremendous respect and admiration for those who risk their own safety to protect us all. My hubby is a 30+ yr police officer and he comes from a family with a military background (and fire fighting as well) and I know only too well that the dangers faced are real. I'm SO glad that Ryan made it safely home and my heart weeps for the families of those who were not so fortunate. Thanks to all those who serve!!!

Oh Happy Day! So glad to hear that your Ryan is home safe and sound. Thank YOU, Ryan (rank?) for your service to the world. Happy news for me, sending me over the moon: My Ryan has been put in for another promotion, his third in 13 months! My heart swells with pride in this boy. **blows kisses** Deborah

Aww, Thanks a lot Ali. I've always known it's you guys who have the harder job. Let me piggy back and thank everyone for all the thoughts and goodies that were sent (especially you guys). There were a lot of days where I wouldn't have eaten for one reason or another except for the goodies that you guys sent. I really like that picture you made as well. Take care, or as the Brits and Aussies I worked with would say: Cheers Mate!

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