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July 16, 2009


wonderful re-post ... really wonderful. thank you for digging it up for us. :)

My eyes are fine, but all my joints are seizing up, when I go backpacking now I have to hobble around for a hour or so while I loosen up!!

Great eye! Really wonderfully drawn and perfect for this humorous post. Humorous because it is so real and relatable. SO glad you dug for this treasure!!

This post is great! It reminds me that I'm so lucky as I age. For years I was so near sighted, I could barely see past my nose and never could see the blackboard. Eye docs kept telling me my eyesight would actually improve with age. They are right. I can now see the fine print without any glasses. Your post brought so many wonderful feelings to mind. Thanks for this/

I remember this post!

Now I don't even carry the glasses in the case, I just stuff them in my purse naked. I need light and my close-ups! I hope that will be enough for awhile. Oh yeah, I even got a compliment while wearing them. Now I'm not sure how to take that but I will take it as a sign that I have good taste in close-up glasses. Otherwise I might cringe.

I thought I was the only one stoping strangers and asking them to read for me. I always enjoy your blog.

How funny - I picked your blog at random from Seth's list and looked into your eye - my little signature. However, typically there aren't any pic sigs on your blog! Take a peek at mine and you'll see what I'm rambling on about!!

great painting - you are the same person, no, but wiser...regards from nyc...

I understand perfectly,why do you think I go to Vietnam so often,EYES are a third the price of ones purchased in Australia and they are ready the next day, with tea and very polite assistants. M OXOX

What a familiar feeling, I now, at 60, can't go anywhere without my glasses. I too have to read the labels before I get into the shower, and have to resort to a magnifying glass AND my glasses when it comes to reading labels on vitamin bottles etc.
Love your painted eye.

It's so 'funny', because I know exactly what you're talking about, even though I've had glasses since I was 8 years old! For decades, my eyesight hardly changed, only my glasses style did. And then, all of a sudden... BOOM. Constant changes. Slight, but annoying.

Nice EYE!

I couldn't agree more. Who cares about gray hair and wrinkles -- give me back my eyes!!!!!

I love the "?" altered photo, sketch, painting? These old eyes can't tell! I never take my reading glasses shopping and end up asking complete strangers, "how much is this?" I find the older I get, the more comfortable I am in my skin...but that may be because is it looser! Whatever.

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