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October 18, 2009


I love Milo! Where did you pick up this cute buddy? :)

too funny, love it!!! great post and once again lovely pics of milo's adventure.

Oh Marie, Lookit at him hanging ten, er, four, er..look at him surfing!

Lovely. You can do anything, I can tell!

And inspire others to try too.

Next year Deb's sending ME around the world in a box and oh what fun we'll have!

Midlife Poet sent me. This is adorable!

Hi Marie,
I have no idea how you taught Milo to surf so quickly, but then he is a fast little learner and absorbs everything he does. But I'm curious to know, wasn't he frightened of the cuttle fish? Even if he was a bit moribund. I understand they are violent little things, but then this information did come from Captain Jack Sparrow ;-O ha ha!

Welcome back to the US.

xoxo Cori

I'm over from Deb's blog as well...new to hers and yours...LOVE Milo!

PS I also see you are a fan of Artful blogging. Me, too! :)

Looks like Milo's had a blast with you!! Surfing looks like so much fun!!

Over from Deb's blog---Go Milo Go!!!!
Have so enjoyed his little advetures; this was the first time I could get your blog to load and great day!---I know your artwork!!!


Still funny!!! One of my favorites.

Hello Milo, You will have to fly for 36 hours....and finally a nice young man in a truck will deliver you at my home. And then there is the yet-lag, for we live here 12 hours earlier than in Australia so there IS some challenge in this new age for you: you travel time and you get younger !!!
I hope you are here in time to meet my daughter Laura who is leaving for Australia, yes, where you just left, very soon. On vacation over there you were, hey ? Over here, in the sea-climat Holland it will be "working" and "learning"...but we will do so together, so it will be fun too.
See you.
Godeliva van Ariadone


I almost fell over again.

Marie, We received an email in regards to Events and I clicked on your link. I am blown away by your imagination and art work- it is amazing. I have forwarded your link on to Sarah Marquis. I think she would love it. Take care and keep up the amazing work. Yay. Cheers, Anita . Mollydooker Wines

Great Job!!You have given me laughs and smiles.
Thanks to you and MILO-what a dude!!!

How funny!!!!!! Marie, how did you make this unique photos????? So great! Milo... have a good trip to Europe to Holland and if your plane fly over Germany please give a sign!

HAHAHAHHHAHAHhahhahahahahha! HA! Oh Marie, this is fantastic. So funny because they are such beautiful photos of a silly yellow bug! Genius in choosing your surf board. Magical in getting Milo to stand! In the water no less! I need to leave my blog party up for a few days, and then I will post a Milo teaser. Marie, you have set the bar quite high for the rest of Milo's world tour! Thank you so much for participating. **clapping of many hands**

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