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October 27, 2009


A simply stunning photo Marie! Remember that rain can wash away tears and when the sun comes out again, you'll be amazed at the beauty of life around you. Of course you know all of this....

Beautiful photo
hope the tears pass soon

Hello dear Marie, Visiting to let you know that MILO arrived safely in my home in Nederland this morning. I will bring you more news from overhere.
I hope your tears a setting you free from agony, homesickness and fear and that God is with you.
Be well
Godeliva van Aradone

Warm hugs coming your way.

Got you in my prayers honey.

Hope and sunshine sending your way with all my heart!!!

The photograph is beautiful.....and the "cyberhugs" coming your way are plentiful. Whatever your sorrow, I hope you feel more peaceful soon.

Lovely photo. Sometimes we are like flowers in the rain. We close up and bear the storm... but the rain also brings strength and growth and nourishment. You'll grow from the experience and I'm sure you'll bloom beautifully. Tears can have healing powers.

Hang in there!


Marie, what an incredibly beautiful photo!!! It is perfection. Hoping the tears are just a little of missing the homeland...

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