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November 19, 2009


I'm such a lucky girl :D Thank you so very much dearie-- I love it, but LOVE YOU more!!I'll treasure it as I do all of my Marie O. creations.

I think I'm purpose driven too--so you are in good (make that FABulous) company ;D

Gotta make a hobby lobby run tomorrow--wish you were here to play Christmas Shops with me!!!!


Marie, I know exactly what you mean. I really enjoyed our swap because I knew that it was for you. And I loved what you sent to me, very much. I really get so many rewards from creating, and I won't stop, but having a deadline, theme, purpose, goal, tends to fuel the work that much more.

But, basically, what the heck am I going to do with this lifesized carburator I just made out of cereal boxes? Surprisingly, it doesn't go with our decor.

this is just gorgeous!

i say as long as it makes you happy you are on the right track for sure:)


Very lovely you can come and work in my florist shop any time.I'm sure Balshaws would love to have you too. Moxox

I read your post this morning and have been thinking about it all day long. That is actually quite a tremendous "lightbulb moment" and in many ways I completely relate. I too fear a dusty accumulation of artwork and often wonder about what happens to such work -- created by so many artists, I think -- after the creator is, um, gone. Is it treasured by those who are tasked with the unpleasant chore of going through the art studio of the deceased, or is it not treasured at all. If not, how sad. But maybe that is just being realistic.
Sorry to be morbid here, but these things do cross my mind; having been very sick a few years ago, it's something I once thought a LOT about.
For me, digitally, I often create just to create; you could call it art-for-art's-sake, absolutely. I like to try new techniques and experiment -- leading to a hard drive cluttered with on-the-go photoshop projects rather than a room cluttered with canvas and paper. (I have that room too...........).
In the end, I think all that really matters is how we feel about our own creations...not the validation from a sale or some praise from friends or even the praise from strangers. While all that is welcome and worthwhile -- and a little validation every now and then is good for the soul -- what matters is that we are happy with our processes and the final result. And maybe if that is fulfilled, if we do what makes us happy and try to avoid what makes us uncomfortable, even the dusty pile of papers is all worth it in the end!
Love the wreath BTW...a treasure that I'm sure will instantly become a holiday classic for Carla and be beloved each and every year.
I've blathered on here long enough...I'll go now :-)

Marie, that IS a fabulous door wreath! But then, I love everything you do. Be kind to yourself please and thank you! **blows kisses** Deb

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