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April 08, 2010


I think we all know which tool will come out the winner :D

I think all of your photos are lovely, but wowee the first one is magical!

The coney island photos were very interesting. Someone large and in charge needs to be throwing some money at it. Also I don't think I'd want a daquiri with cigarette ashes in it (bleh...no smoking while mixing drinks please), I had to giggle at Don's comment.
lots o'love

Too funny, I've been trying it the other way around, learning how to use the camera and thinking photoshop might be fun - but then someone bought me a course to learn photoshop and I think my brain will explode with all the possiblities.

This really gives me food for thought. I have a friend who photographs for NASA and she is a technician with the camera, but even she has said that she sometimes relies on post to get the image closest to the way it truly looked to her eye. And she's well-respected, so I trust her 'eye'. If it looked a certain way to her, I would take it for granted that is how it looked.

There are so many things 'in the way' of the true image, and one of those things is going to be the camera. I completely believe that as a photographer you can trust more in your post production to get the image you want, than in what the camera did between you and the subject. It really will be interesting to see how your work evolves, because your style is completely unique!

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