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April 17, 2010


Glad to hear things are better. Isn't that scary frustrating, though!

I feel the same about going in and making art when things are a little chaotic. I guess we tend to want to order that chaos a bit.

The volcanic ash cloud is also stopping all flights here in Germany. I came back home by train yesterday from Stuttgart... but I still came back home! Enjoy time with your little family.

Happy Mom Dance INDEED! Oh has fast they grow up. Love this piece...the colors, the writing, and what is she thinking? **kisskiss** Deb

Girl I think I have a new favorite. I absolutely adore this digital masterpiece!

enjoy the xtra days w/ little man.

Since you asked what I admired and wanted to learn. Look no further. Wonderful artwork. Good luck with "The Boys"! That's quite a feat...or should I say a lot of "feet"! :)

I certainly understand your "secret mom happy dance" ... I would secretly be delighted too :-)

This volcanic ash cloud is quite the thing .... Nancy is stuck in Paris, my MIL and SIL are stuck in Scotland, and my other SIL is supposed to be flying to Liverpool tomorrow, with her daughter joining her later this week. ALL travel plans are up in the air now!

Hope the hubbub is not too stressful for you over the weekend!

Sounds as if you will have a busy but enjoyable weekend. Lovely collage...

22 boys for sleep-over? I smell pizza! Maybe you'll get a good discount if they deliver more than 10. Great art work.

How cool for a Volcano in Iceland to provide benefits of an extended family get together. Really like what you did with the latest image, your photoshop work is inspiring.

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