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May 25, 2010


Both classes were amazing, and I'm so looking forward to sitting down and trying them on my own. Thank you for your patience.

Wow, Marie, I'm so glad you had such success--I knew they were going to be awesome! Being a great teacher must be so rewarding. That drive, though.. whew!

Good to know you got safely home. And that the blooming flowers greeted you! We just had some red peonies brightening the house. So nice.

Sounds like an all-round wonderful experience. One of these days - I'd like to attend!!

Surface Magic was wonderful. I'm happy with the prints I got and anxious to try it on my own. Looking forward to seeing what you might be teaching next year at Art & Soul and/or online in the future.

Hi Marie... welcome back home to Long Island! I love the photo from yourself with camera in the window!!!! I'm sure that Art and Soul will be successfull for you and your students. Hope you can relax some days now. Doing nothing, enjoy springtime, sun and the garden!
We had also some good sunny days on weekend.
xoxo Christine

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