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May 16, 2010


I'm with you Marie, I'm a blogging fan first and foremost. It's straight forward and unencumbered. The bulk of my time is spent with blogs. Facebook has it's purpose but nothing beats the feel that a blog gives you for the person and their creative outlets.

Which brings me to say, love this piece, it's downright haunting..

hi! I found you via Jeannine's blog, and wanted to say hey. I totally agree about facebook and have never really gotten into "tweeting". I love being able to keep up with my friends and family who live far away via facebook easily(we're a scattered bunch), but I try to make sure that I never post anything that I would really care if anyone knew. I guess this should always be the rule of thumb though! I NEVER post any of my artwork on there though unless my name is scrawled across it so that it couldn't be used for much.

Your image is beautiful on here too! I love the layering.

Hey, there! (georgie girl? wasn't that a song?)

You are going to get lotso comments, I betcha.

This weekend I further telescoped my FB information, deleted all photos except wall, deleted all other profile info that had any hint of truth to it, and I'm updating much less than ever. I really only go there now to retrieve messages from a long-distance friend who doesn't use email (for some reason).

I am so with you on the privacy thing, and on the joining thing. I don't like joining things, unless maybe it's a yahoo group here and there. I have to pick my battles. It's funny that you say something isn't really FREE, because I posted an FB comment about that a couple weeks ago. They kept saturation marketing me on some random word I put in an update, and it bugged the crap out of me.

I don't tweet any more, either. Soon, I'll just shrink down into... well.. a person.

It's sad, really.

I'm a die hard blogger!

AMEN!!! Why bother with facebook if you can have a shared-only-with-friends, Private (as in no one sees it unless they have a password) blog? Tweet? I can barely answer my cellphone and had no idea how to read the texts people sent me. so my Blog wrangler blocked all my cellphhone texts because she got tired of having to call sprint to have the text message charge taken off when it was a spam text message.

Love this image, so romantic and dreamy. I agree with you completely. I do have a facebook but only to leave the SPC notes when he is deployed, and sadly I confess, I farm with him and a few friends! I don't even have a cell phone, so no worries about me tweeting!
**cheepcheep** Deb

You are so right. I have seriously considered getting rid of my facebook account but even that is a likely feat!!! It is a great concept and has helped me connect with some old school mates etc etc but it is so galling to think that it cannot just remain as a means to connect and all these damn big guns are just trying to find a way into our lives. What the hell??? I am so ticked off but I guess the end result is to leave if you don't want to play ball. Thanks for the reminder. I think I will check privacy settings every time I log in.

I have to agree with you - I am not very happy with facebook and am trying to decide if I want to keep up my account there. I am VERY careful with my settings but they change things and you don't even know about the change or how it may affect you.

On another note how do you like the new Epson printer?? I will be purchasing my printer in a week or so and am interested in how you like the new one.

I like blogs for the same reason you mention here. But, I do like facebook and have even (ack) tweeted! I find when I offer things for commerce, the fact is a twitter or facebook post, helps with that. Facebook also helps me keep in touch with my scattered family.

That said, however, I spend a good deal of my online time staying on top of my facebook settings (for me and Mr. P!). I suspect that facebook (and other sites) will overstep and there will be another social networking platform that takes advantage of all these privacy/marketing issues that so many facebook users dislike. Until then ...

Amen, sister.

I am not on facebook, but it is my impression that their "privacy policy" is pretty scary. That you basically have none.....

sign me -- a person who always reads those endless things they ask us to "ok" when we join anything...........

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