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June 20, 2010


heehee I have the same chlorine dispenser :D I'm so glad it's actually warm enough for you to use your pool!!

Enjoy luvvie

cool duck; my brother has one in his pol in Florida. Desmond Duck? (named after Norma Desmond)

Well, I think Gertrude Stein might be a good name, but I don't know if she'd ever wear sunglasses...?

Maybe: Joe.

Mike..I've always wanted a pet named Mike.

Salt Water here too...so nice our hair doesn't turn green...but with solar cover we're up to about 82 this weekend. Hope you guys get to take a dip soon. xo

Ours is a murky mess; the captain has not yet got around to treating it. It looks like a swamp. Sigh. But I just had to laugh when I saw your dispenser: we have the exact same one! :-)

Hard not to smile back at this sweet rubber duckie. Such great color. FUN!!!

so glad you 've joined the millions of us with green pool syndrome! ours is finally clear and looks beautiful. but dont know when it will be warm enough! how about calling the duck Algy as in algae!that seems pool like!

The first name that springs to mind is Boris with the glasses it just seems to fit.M OXOX

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