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June 12, 2010


As one of your current online students, I just want to say how much I love the class. You are my 4th or 5th instructor, so I know just how difficult it must be putting the program together for Photoshop. I personally don't consider Photoshop an intuitive software. It takes an instructor who can see it from all angles and with the eyes of the uninitiated as well as the experienced. The screen shots alone would be daunting. I have to say your PDF's, screen shots, examples, videos are all OUTSTANDING! You have a very unique skill set to be able to convey your knowledge of this software to you students. Thank you, Marie.

Marie, this is so fascinating. Do the technical aspects of digital manipulation make for easier training? They seem to be more on the 'scientific' side, at least to me.

Some art instructors keep it loosy goosy and some go the other way. I like the in-between! And I bet you're fabulous at it.

I know it will rock!!!

I know the class is going to be great and in the end you can only show and teach so much and then it is up to the students to fly or well you know! I found that teaching an abstract painting class was very difficult - I could talk theroy, composition, famous artists as examples, demo but in the end the students held the brush and their own vision and quirks came out in their painting and you know what, that was all right for me because their vision was different from mine. I can't wait to get started!!!!

Just from your post, it's obvious you are an excellent teacher, you have an understanding of where your students are, how we might be thinking/feeling and you are finding ways to get past those 'head blocks.'
One day I hope to be one of your students on-line, it's on my big wish list :-)

marie, you are the best teacher,
talented, kind and patience.
i know this will be a wonderful class that will set the standards for future classes!!
you can never know "it all" in ps and there is always something to learn and being able to see into your mind will be worth it!!!
i'm so excited about tomorrow!!

I have full faith that my journey with you

will be exciting, not nerve wracking. The best teachers do blaze a path for others while showing all sorts of attractive ways to wander off it as well....

"Teaching" art is a hard, hard thing, typically because there are very few hard and fast rights and wrongs. People want to know how to do the "right" thing and it almost sounds like a cop-out when the answer to a technique question is "it depends" :-)
But in photoshop, it truly DOES "depend", as there are so many different ways to accomplish something based on what you want as a final outcome .... even so many different ways to do the same thing. But there are some basics that can be learned and I'm sure your class is going to create a whole bunch of talented photoshop enthusiasts! :-)

I love this image. I actually missed HER at first glance. Brilliant. I think that it is so wonderful of you to want to share and teach. So many people like to keep their own secrets of success. **clapping of many hands** Deb

Good Luck. It is true, some of the most fabulous painters I have know can't teach for sh_t. I did not find this with you at Art and Soul and I came in very green. Thanks for all your thoughts and obsessing on all this.

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