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August 25, 2010


What a wonderful result! Such a nice update for your home.

What printer are you using?? These are terrific!

Okay, this is (these are) not only really exciting for a wall piece, but it (they) also remind(s) me of a Rorschach. I would love to have this in the house and ask people what it is. And then have it flipped when they come back over and ask them again. And then have it on the floor! and then put some kind of holographic representation of it in the shower.

You know what? believe it or not, this is a compliment.

Fabulous artwork. So very cheerful! Must share that my work is now featured locally as well as in Berkeley. I'm so thrilled! Thanks much for lessons and I'm looking forward to more.......

Beautiful, that's one great update to your decor! and one impressive big boy printer.

How lovely to have the large printer! In one or two of the episodes of the Bravo series on artists they have an amazing printer that does banners! I can just see it now :)

This looks fabulous...must look great actually hanging on a wall too.

So fresh and with such juicy color--I'm lovin the new art!!

I am quite liking the result too! That must be some Monster Printer you have! How fun.
**blows kisses** Deb

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