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August 04, 2010


Lovely collage Marie! I appreciate your comments as I have found balancing a creative life with a business life is always challenging.

WOW, Marie.
This definitely looks like you were in the perfect 'mode'. It's gorgeous.

I have a similar difficulty trying to work from the heart rather than worrying about creating work that I think will sell.

Interesting post Marie. The business of art and art itself can definitely require two different headsets. I agree with you that it is all about the balance.

Gorgeous work...so inspiring!!!

I hear you...LOUD AND CLEAR...

You keep dealing with all those strange codes and I keep enjoying the beauty you create. I really like this one BIG!!! **kisskiss** Deb

Oh Marie,
This is such relaxing creation, I love everything about it, colors,composition, soft blending.
You are such an inspiration, again, I so enjoyed your class.
Barb in Texas

The beauty of this piece does NOT reflect any aggravation in its creation. Sometimes, we get stuck thinking certain ways, but it may have no influence on the end product. It's such a joy to see you let the creativity flow.

Sometimes hard to find the perfect balance between the two. Lovely work - as always!

I can just imagine the challenge it must be to break down what you do so beautifully intuitively for your students benefit, but we all thank you for your hard work (I'm a hopeful student)
I expect that would be the greatest challenge when it comes to art, finding that place of crazy mix of business and creative freedom...
Beautiful page, just love how there is a yearning quality to the page.

Beautiful work, Marie. I'm glad you got some creative time for yourself.

Teaching art journaling is somewhat similar to what you describe - how to "teach" someone what comes intuitively is challenging to say the least. Despite that challenge, you did a brilliant job with this digital magic class - it changed my photographic life very much for the better.

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