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January 26, 2011


Hi... here is Germany
and... here is also your birthday! Rocking girl from the best year ever :-)
Happy Birthday and a wonderful day for you. Hope, my package arrived!

Happy Birthday :) xoxox

Love those crayons...altered or not! Enjoy the class and take from it what works for you.

Good for you for not antagonizing your teacher with the truth. I keep thinking I will learn to use settings, but I keep staying on "auto" and I'm not sure why it's wrong to do so and then fix it with photoshop (which I'm becoming better at because of your classes). I really love the crayon photo.

ooohh boy!

How hard is it when you teach yourself and to sit there with a semi nice face on?

I struggle with my slr, and always have to adjust levels.

One day I may even read the manual.

Marie - Well today (in Perth) it is already your birthday. Happy, happy day to you. Hope that it is a wonderful year. love Allan, Sharon, James and Stephen

Isn't it wonderful to realize life and art are not either/or?!!! We can live and operate in 'both', even multiple worlds, and life/art is enhanced by such a broad perspective.

I admire your restraint! It must not be easy to have to listen to so many 'porkie pies'! (That must be a wonderful Australian expression. At least, I have not heard it before - but understood immediately what you meant!)

Well, at least this time 'round, if somebody is getting expelled in January for simply stating the truth, this time it won't be me! LOL
Love those crayons!!

you are a good soul! I would have to do something to disturb the woman!

I'm with you there! Move with the times!

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