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January 21, 2011


I'm laughing because I've been out of the loop doing the work IN YOUR CLASS :D this digital stuff is fun and very addictive!

Love your latest journal page--very beautiful. Miss you and hope you can come out and play soon!!


I would LOVE to see your bloopers! And I looked at the class details (again) and I say: I would love to take this some day. wow.

Well, as for my saying that I'M busy, that's utter poppycock, because YOU, lady, ARE. Woah! I think editing videos and trying to get them perfect would be horrifying! Those silly, rambling, non-HD thingies I put on my blog are wonkifying enough, without having to also be coherent and not fuzzy!

I'm sending out some video-preparing mojo to you, as well as a hug. So, there.

I'm so proud to be your student again. The Digital Journal Class is so fantastic and I enjoy it very much, but neet more time to create. Nevertheless I will try to make my lessons good!!!!
If you receive a package from Germany... don't open before... you know when, or not????
Send you greetings from cold Germany, from one rocking girl to another!!!!

I just love this image...so very creative!!!

Your journal page is, of course, beautiful. Sorry you're lacking blog time, but delighted you're spending the time on the online class and videos because I love the class.

Thanks for the nice press Marie :-) I think a bloopers video would be a hoot!


Lost Aussie Bloopers.

A bonus for buying all of your course. Will set a motza I am sure.

Creaking chair, groaning dog, neighbor's obnoxious truck...I hear you, sister! However, all your hard work is paying off. The videos are wonderful and your class is terrific. Great work, Marie!

Love the above images. I am so sorry to miss this class - I am in the process of trying to sell my house and buy another. I really do not know how you manage all your moves - I am looking around and want to jump in my car and run away. If all goes well and we do move I want to scale down and live a much more simple life - no more clutter.

I think my sister Ree & I are going to have to take your course when we can. She loves photography and wants to learn how to use Elements with her photos.
I'd love to see the out takes but would appreciate the great job you'd do with the video teachings.

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