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January 29, 2011


Oh, my friend! It's good to come back here and catch up. Because this is so sweet. I am putting it on my desktop.

I would so love to take your class. I hope to have the ability to do so if you hold it again. I just KNOW it's up to your usual excellent standards. The other day I brought out some books I have, to try to get myself back in the swing, and I browsed through Angela Cartwright's book about altering photos. I really feel an itch to work with some of the millions of photos I have in my files, and your class would be perfect for doing that.

It's on my wish list!!

A beautiful creation, well deserved "me" time! I appreciate the time, effort and energy that you put into your online classes. Am a very fortunate recipient! It was quite a challenge to learn editing videos....

thanks for all your hard work and inspiration Marie - and it shows! Your classes are head and shoulders above the rest :-)

Well, I can vouch for the amazing standard you have,

sooo much work goes into the course, over and above.

She is most beautiful! You will have more time soon....... All you do is totally appreciated, as we are just sponges soaking up what you teach. Thank you for doing things with such a high standard.

So ethereal and beautiful!

You are a wonderful teacher and your Digital Magic class last year exceeded all expectations. You truly give it your all. Thank you!

Lovely! Elegant grunge; it's inspiring.
I sort of know how you feel right now .... with this travelling and in and out of hotels, I can't settle to create. I'm looking forward to some "me time" soon!

Paper Angel is elegant and charming.

Love Paper Angel....so elegant and lost in thought.


She is elegantly otherworldly
I have no doubt that all your students will be recommending your course to their friends and acquaintances.

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