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February 09, 2011


that is so cool! that you have a little house for the birdies!!

leaving attachments in the basement! hehe!


but did you get to make big things??

Hi Marie! I can totally identify with your camera troubles. I can't tell you how many times I've had the opportunity for the "perfect" shot, only to discover I've forgotten to insert the blasted card! The other unfortunate lesson I've had is to NEVER leave home without a spare battery pack. --And I shiver to think of how I learned what "format disk" meant. Have fun and happy shooting!

The birdies thank you for their shelter. Spring is just around the corner.

I totally identify with both the freezing temperature (tired of seeing my breath) and forgetting things for a class (so frustrating after the 30 minute drive and 10 minutes spent looking for a parking space).

I bet all that forgetting has to do with the cold not the birthday you just celebrated :-)

What a sweet photo. After a week in Austin and Killeen, Texas, I am feeling so sorry for all of you in the COLD. Sending you Arizona blue skies! ♥♥♥ Deb

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