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February 26, 2011


u you look amazing mum and i had a great time thank you everyone :)

He looks so very handsome!!!
Hey- I think I wore that same dress to my prom in 1977!!!!!

Dang David! You lookin' good bud! I knew #2 resembled his mother, but wow looking at these photos side-by-side proves just how much. He's a looker for sure and I'm anxious to see where the world takes this arty darling!

Have fun David!!

I think he's way tooooo sexy for his tux! (I don't think I'd be worrying about a tuxedo or a limmo - if you know what I mean!)

Nice idea to put your prom pics side by side.

He looks so handsome -- and grown up! I laugh at your take on proms as they were exactly the same here in the US when I went in high school. Compared to my sons' they were so naive and innocent! You looked as beautiful back then as now! xoxo

"honey" looks good and mom looks wonderful! enjoy his youth!

He does look smashing, worthy of a GQ Cover. I remember those days too, far less expectations and home made wasn't a dirty word :-)

What a couple of great pics! I love it that you showed us this blast from your past!

My mind reels at the cost of having teenagers, when I hear what my parent-friends have to say. It's a whole new world...

You looked marvelous, dahling!

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