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March 21, 2011


Beautiful! Just like a hand tinted collograph.

I must admit the last time I used "actions" in photoshop was to print off a bazillion interior images. Felt very automaton....

If you happen to find our Autumn cavorting with your Spring, please send it home!



You've done a wonderful job of 'ruining' this image...:-) Nice work!

You know what? This post is replete with a bevy of technical terms the meanings of which I am not fully cognizant. But I do have to affirm that it is quite in keeping with your comment on my little bloglette to go BIG! I know I'm going to enjoy it. I have a few new techniques I'm going to try, also. I don't know if I'll be tweaking my filters or offsetting a brush, but I will say that my scraper and my rubbing alcohol will have something to do with it!!

(you rock)


Here's to the ruination! Every step of the way should be open to interpretation. Great post and fab image!

I love the way you ruin photos and the way you taught me to ruin photos.

Nooo NEVER...it's kind of like getting a DSLR and using it like a point and shoot... LEARN IT.


The great thing is that the ways to 'ruin' a photograph in Photoshop are endless. The down side is it's addictive! Love what you 'ruined' with what I am assuming is a seagull.

Great job ruining another photo! and amen sister! to not creating carbon copies of other peoples work.

I agree. I'm in a camera club and my images would come bottom in a competition!

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