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April 09, 2011


I couldn't agree with you more, but particularly as it relates to the current situation facing our Canadian parliament. The leaders of each party appear to be far more interested in advancing their own 'placement' within parliament and voicing their adversarial partisanistic issues with little true concern for a collaborative, cooperative process with their opposition. Democracy? Far from it.

Politicians are serving banks and big business. Democracy is a sham! I'm in the UK. I see same thing happening to the USA as has happened here. Socialism is a disaster. I used to think the NWO and one world government was just a conspiracy theory. Not any more I don't.

Let's print up some bumper stickers.

Susan's favorite:
Don't Vote. It Only Encourages Them.

My favorite:
Never Vote For An Incumbent. Things Have NOT Gotten Better.

Alternate choice:
Stop Repeat Offenders.

I'm sorry I'm late to this. This makes me think of the kids the leaders want to send to invasions on foreign soil to risk death, as long as their own children don't have to go.

I saw a story today about Trump's amazing popularity as a contender. So of course, I'm thinking about where I could go to work when I leave here.

I think the fact that our leaders are bought and sold by campaign contributions has had an extremely bad effect on just about everything.

If the ONLY money that could be spent on campaigns were to come from the "would you like $2 of your taxes to go to campaigns?" money, this would be a very different (and in my mind, a MUCH better!) country..............

Sigh. :-(

I don't know if this happens in other countries, but if it doesn't, I'm thinking seriously of moving to one of them. This is definitely the worst it's ever been in my lifetime. I don't consider myself a member of any political party, but I agree with Lyle (above) that the Republicans, particularly the Tea Party faction, are destroying the country in the name of their so-called "values". I have to ask, what values? They claim the constitution as their guiding philosophy, but nowhere in there does it say, "give all the money to the rich- screw the middle class and the poor". Unfortunately, there is an "I got mine, so screw you" mentality among the wealthy and upper- middle class, and most Americans are poorly informed. Sadly, that is their own fault, since most Americans are too lazy to take the time or trouble to actually investigate the issues. It makes me want to scream and cry. Okay, I can feel my blood pressure climbing; I have to stop now. Please excuse my long political rant, but this is so frustrating!

And they wonder why we have all become so cynical were our governments are concerned. We (Canadians) are in the middle of yet another forced election in which the outcome will be no different.

I personally think its appalling!!! I also think it is so very wrong that congressmen can serve just one term and never work again but yet still get paid the same salery every year for the rest of thier lives that they got while being in congress, and that they are exempt from that oh so 'wonderful' (with much sarcasm) health care plan they developed for the rest of us.......alot of changes need to be made!!!!

We, as a country, (not I, as a voter, because my candidates lost) elected people who said they would do this; and, now, they're doing it. When did our government change from serving and protecting us to judging and punishing us? We have to vote ourselves out of this while there is time.

I just cant believe I'm hearing all this @#$%$#@ out of those in the house and senate. the@#$%^&*))^%$@# tea party nedds to be shut shut down permanently by gunshot if that does it. to keep our troops from being paid while risking their lives because some loonies want to step on women one more time. and thats just one thing that sets me off! All I can hope is that the republicans are held responsible for this disaster and cant get anyone elected. If they prevail we are in deep doodoo . you might want to think of returning to Australia. do I agree with you? YES, YES YES

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