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April 23, 2011


You're back!!

Did you have fun? How's everything?

I just did a blog entry on LaWendula's paper swap and your kind gesture. That was so nice of you.


Dear Marie,
I just received a lovely packet of ephemera from you...in fact, I think I remember you asking for my address. I also got one from Pat. How am I so lucky to get two???And should this lovely package belong to someone else? I hope not!
(Susan Reaney)

Happy Easter! Enjoy your visit! xoxo

Happy Easter and Happy Spring (which actually seems to be making a shy and hesitant appearance). Enjoy your son's company, but don't rule out the chocolate.

Lucky Duck! I'm sure every moment with your boy will be precious.

This is my very first Easter without my son. He's flown to Melbourne for 10 days to visit his girlfriend.

My husband and I just finished our brekkie eggs, then Easter Bunny egg, and remarked on how this is the very first Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt. (even teenagers like a good egg hunt, they just don't admit it!)

Oh yay! So glad James will be spending some quality time with you over this holiday :-)

Happy Easter to you Dearie!! Is James here safe and sound?


Okay, can we talk?

This is so pretty and so fun I can hardly stand it. Can I use it to send out Easter emails? I will give you credit. If I can't use it, don't tell me.

You are a funny girl! Thank you for your visit! I was winding up my time here on the bleb because I MUST go make stuff, and when I saw my new email alert I was tickled. And I didn't have time to comment here when making my blog post link


but I'm glad you reminded me. So here's my comment. I don't have to make 17 separate comments because I'm up to date on the cool stuff you make and share here!

Am I still talking?

I don't actually have any traffic stats on my blog and have no idea who when or where anyone visits me. I was going to say why too, but that would be too honest.

YAY for James! I'm so glad he gets to see his mum!!

Best to you and yours for a lovely Spring Celebration.

What a wonderful..happy image for the holiday. Wishing you and yours a happy one!

I know you are going to have a super charged blessed week, so glad for you!

love the blue car! enjoy your boy! a sign of spring here in so. jersey - the humming birds arrived at the feeders yesterday. I knew it was this week they came and put them out thursday! beautiful boys in their best and brightest colors! Happy Easter

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