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April 07, 2011


Your digital art is wonderful! I purchased the "lost Geisha" print, and it's beautiful. Dots seem MUCH nicer than math to me, but I only have photoshop. Can't learn any more tech right now, though; my brain is full and things keep falling out!

One day I hope to

get my mind around illustrator..

clean lines are my favourite.

Marie, this is so cool! I love this. I love the colors, too.
I don't understand anything you've said.

This makes me think of my dog Scout. I talk to her and she hears: blah blahblah, treat? blah blah blah dinner?

When you said all this, I heard, blah blah blah, I'm sending this to Chris for no reason.


Have a lovely weekend!

Beautiful piece. Every once in a while, I dip my toe in Illustrator, and then get intimidated and run away.

LOVE this piece - especially the typography/calligraphic element!

I hear ya about Illustrator!I have the complete semester's lecture notes, tutes etc for Illustrator, as the unit was offered as an intensive at uni over the holidays, and I couldn't attend.

I STILL haven't got round to sitting down and doing the unit 2.5 yrs later!

Love your beach walk in the post below. We still have some of Montauk with us (My son collected pebbles from beneath the lighthouse and then drew it on them.

Looking forward to seeing more of your Illustrator adventures!



What a powerful image! My daughter, Olivia had taken two years of Graphic Arts so I get what you mean about Illustrator, she used it all the time but I never could keep it all in my head enough to fully get it.
I hope we see more, love the strength of this piece.

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