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May 11, 2011


I too can relate to the stitching bug!

I love sewing. Your stitches look great.

I happen to think your stitching is wonderfully artful. You're a woman of many creative talents

So you were serious when you threatened to send me the invouice -

Isnt it so much fun, small little works with soft cloth. And the who cares what the back looks like approach.

Glad you are having fun.

ah sew!!

I like sewing for the relaxation and the texture of the fabric and just the natural feel of it. I would love to see MORE of your sewing! I don't often have the patience it takes, however.

I love how we all love different things, and like different styles of expression, and sometimes can even morph from one to the other.

Following the creative "thread" sounds right no matter the medium! You never know where it might lead...little seeds coming to life in your creative journey! When my painter friend can't paint (can't find the inspiration or energy) she gardens...it all feeds the need! I enjoyed the images : )

Trading in your laptop for a sewing machine?

Sewing is fun and rewarding.....I wish I made more time for it. Good on you for enjoying some "hands-on" work.

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