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May 30, 2011


I can see your talented PS work here. Lovely flowers.

I could feel the softness of the petals as I look at your photos. Very beautiful. And how was the North Fork? I know it well as I lived in Aquebogue for many years. I miss Long Island. Thank you for sharing your talent.

We have two vases of peonies in the house right now. They are amazing!

Beautiful flowers - I just adore peonys but they will not grow here in the heat of florida - neither will iris or lilac....pout....but I have acouple rose bushes that seem to be doing well.

Your photos of the rose and peonie are superb Marie... you are lucky....we live up in Noerthen Ontario and our daffosils are in full bloom....i guess that your Spring season starts much sooner at Casa Otero.... it is not as bad as that at least the trees are in blossom now....i enjoyed my visit here today and will be back soon....peter:)

Exquisite beauty. The blooms simply 'float' on the screen. Gorgeous!!!

Lovely photos. I'm still waiting for my one peopny bud to bloom.

the flower photos are lovely! roses are blooming here but peonies are rumpled and fading! I like your new header. the possibilities of using words as a background has endless fascination for me! Transfers of old photos on to newspaper might lead to all kinds of things! If I could keep the newspaper from disintegrating in the process.!requires more thought. thanks for stirring up the brain !

P.S. love, love the new banner,
i can"t wait to take your next photoshop class!!!

WOW!! your garden is at least 3 weeks ahead of mine, my peony is just budding
(the size of a marble right now)
maybe i need some more sun after all this rain, glad you had a wonderful weekend

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