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June 16, 2011


It all looks wonderful to me!

It's a winning combination, using your own photos encased in layers of wax, the results are beautiful. Time spent creating free and clear of everything else life throws at you is priceless, I'd say you made good use of the studio!

Loving your creations here. The wax work is simply wonderful!!!

Your adventure with hot wax is fabulous looking....makes me want to go plug in the iron but then my DH might want me to actually USE it so I better not....but your pieces look marvelous!

my favorite is the grey.

This sounds wonderful. And even if the classes were not so new to you, I am sure 4 days of nothing but art was well worth the price of admission. I think the pieces you are showing here are wonderful. And so diverse in style too!

amazing work!!!!
loved our time together
and the inn will be on my list for places to stay again!!

Marie, these are so lovely, and what variety! I was reading more about encaustic just this morning. I love your ability to work up a variety in such a limited amount of time! I think my favorite is the middle blue one with the tree, but those buttons! I love the last one. Actually, they are all yummy.

I hope it was just refreshing to be able to play in a warm, friendly setting with a certain 'perfume' in the air!

Beautiful work. The first and the b/w are amazing.

Wish I had been there. Wonderful images. Must get my beeswax out and start messing again soon. Look forward to seeing more.

Such beautiful work! And so prolific you were! The textures look amazing!

What fabulous "Away Time" you've had. Even if the learning curve wasn't too steep, you've come away with a wonderful stash of waxworks.

I really love the look of depth you've achieved in encaustic. Layers and layers built up with treasures entombed within. I once saw a HUGE piece on show at the St Hilda'a Art Trade Show. It was like a huge vellum piece, until I looked closely and saw that it was encaustic wax.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work,



marie, your wax works are interesting, but I'm sorry you werent too taken with the classes. the opportunity to work without interruption must have been delightful! and the location looks pleasant. Do you ever put your work into book form?

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