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June 22, 2011


Great and thought provoking image.

I need a nap just thinking about all that.

it's like being able to speak 10 languages..

I am barely mastering photoshop and would love to learn illustrator..

speed.. the day goes when you are in the zone.

What can I say, the older I get the more I want to learn!

What a refreshing change from: live, life , love. I feel that when I add this to cards that I send out to people, that I'm commanding them rather than encouraging them.
I don't want to send a card out to a friend commanding them to smile, when they don't want to.
End of long rant lol.
Your image was more of an invitation than a command. Does that make sense?
Nice work

perfect visual for your description of where you are at now.

woo hoo! I'm so looking forward to the start of the new class. I know it will be amazing!

Great image. Looks like 'speed' suits you!

There is still so much to learn, do, enjoy... don't let it pass you by because you feel 'too busy'. Life is for living.

Love this shot! Just focus on the growing part, becoming more...Fabulous Fifties! Mine have been quite lovely. **kisses** Deb

breathe.......................pick up your camera and go for a walk!
everything will be amazing for class, it aways is!!!

you are just a kid! you can just keep on adding to the file cabinet in the head! I could easily be your mother and I'm still stuffing info in there! its just harder to pull the file drawers open!

Your talents are what my nana used to call "an embarrassment of riches."

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