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June 09, 2011


yup yup,

Yours isn't the first post after reading Seths stuff.

Thank goodness blogs an be all things to all (wo)men, and that we can be free of any blog guilt/pressure other than what we impose on ourselves.

If it isn't broke - don't fix it.

Don't Change a thing Marie, I love visiting your blog. Mx

Recently I had a view of Vivian Maier's photography work. It brought up a question that I have asked other people that are street photographers-I forgot you were right there and I forgot to ask-Do you take pictures on the street of people without asking permission? Is it ok to just snap away freely as it is a public place? Have a look at Vivian's work -She did amazing work but so many rules have changed since her work.

Great post --- and look at all the comments! I absolutely agree with your philosophy. Keep on keepin' on!

I'm with you, Marie. My blog tends to be all over the board -- a little art, a little photography, with some grandkids and dogs mixed in. And I do find that the audience for one segment is not the same audience as for the others. But, that's okay!

Wow. This is a really interesting post. I think we've been blogging about the same amount of time! I moved my blog in the interim, but it's still me and my stuff. I really enjoy your blog. There's a good mix of art and personal, of brevity and length, of serious and light.

I am thinking of stopping my blog, at least for awhile. It is too important to me how people perceive it and what response I get. I am honest, but afterward I struggle with what or how much I've shared. So I'm wondering if I can change my personality at this point, or if I should end the blog and concentrate just on MY art and reading others' blogs.

One thing is for sure: blogging is a 21st century challenge! And mostly fabulous!

I, too, use my blog as an art journal. I enjoy the mingling of visual and verbal. I enjoy your blog.

perhaps it is your writing style that is easily accessible yet thought provoking. I really appreciate both your art and your personal commentary.

I'm with you Marie. It's always interesting to know of the thought processes of the artist and the things that inspire them. I'm in the same boat and have been thinking about a new blog to be set up as a gallery only and linked to my current one. That way I can have my say AND show my work only to those who aren't interested in my opinions and chat.

Not selfish at all!

I find that when "controversy" is blogged about just for the sake of attracting readership it shows, and that definately puts me off.

I like your blog exactly the way it is - don't change a thing!



I enjoy commentary....I like learning about artists and tend to follow few blogs that are strictly a photo of a piece of art and not text. (or nominal)
I read the same article, and what I wonder is WHY does one just want to see the art and not learn about the artist.
My blog is *me*, as it will remain. Art occasionally, because that is my life, humor, photos, thoughts at large. People have written that is the reason they read it and not to change.
And hey, I am way too OLD to change. So it's still a mish mash at El Milagro, but basically, we have fun! ;-)


Your blog is a favorite, Marie, precisely because you offer a great mix of the personal and the creative.. And you aren't selfish, in fact, I'd say I agree when it comes to my own blog ... I'm not there to entertain anyone (if it happens to do that, it's just gravy but that's not its purpose).

Blog on, Marie!

This is so interesting. I don't think I have a particular 'vision' or 'plan'. Like in life - things on a blog evolve as they do. And - it should be yours - celebrate that!!!

Thought I should read the articles on blogging before I comment. For me the magic is in the artful sharing of our art and our lives as it relates to our creativity. When I read your blog Marie, that is what I get, your art and portions of your life as it relates to art, like the excursions you and DH take and the things that inspire you. That's the magic for me Art and Artist living life:-)

you know I'll be visiting you! we think in the same direction and I enjoy your artwork! what more can one ask!

I find your blog to be just the right mix...I like blogs like your blog. I personally do not do ANY personal on my own blog as I want to keep it strictly art...if I were to start getting personal then I´d do it on a different blog. I must say I don´t like art blogs that go off on a tangent,,,oh I have a headache or apologizing for not posting for awhile and give you ten paragraphs as to why they didn´t ,,,etc...but to each their own that is what is so great about blogging...we can all find blogs that appeal to us and the is really what blogging is all about...leastwise for me...

Personally, Marie, I enjoy both the art and the commentary. I check it out frequently, just to see the world from another eye. I really don't care what you say or do; it is all interesting.

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