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August 31, 2011


Waiting for the Muse....that is what it looks like to me.....what a beautiful piece too!!

"lifting the veil"
Happy to hear all is well. Beautiful piece as always!
xo Gloria

Just caught up with the dramatic time you have been having. Thoughts are with you an yours. Hope all is Ok with number 1 as well.

So glad that things are gettig back to normal. Speedy Healing thoughts being sent your son's way.

Thinking thinking of a caption, along the lines of Emerge, Reverie...gosh that white looks for all the world like softess goose down swirling abut her.

Beautiful image.

So glad you were not too badly affected by Irene, seems the whole planet is suffering from the elements of nature. Glad your son is OK too. Keep safe.


Dances with Mist ??

Glad to hear your son is a bit better.

Like the idea of using the name Irene-how about- Irene Lingers.
Glad your son is doing good.

"undecided" ? glad to hear you escaped the worst! so did we altho others nearby are still having problems! I'm still cleaning up garden etc.

Maybe call her Irene, after the storm, representing the period you created her

So glad you came through relatively unscathed. My thoughts were, and are, with you. Keeping you & your son in my thoughts for a good prognosis and a speedy recovery.
As for a caption or name, how about ...'Into the Unknown'

En Pointe...

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