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August 29, 2011


OMG Marie! Hope your son is on the mend and feeling better. Hope it wasn't to bad of a break and heals quickly. Irene knocked out power here for a week. When it came back on we discovered that my 'puter was a victim of the storm in addition to everything in 2 freezers plus my frig upstairs. You're right, the past couple of weeks have sucked.

glad all is well,

sounds like it was a test of many things over the past week.

Oh Wow. I didn't know this. How horrid!
Best to your boy...

glad you came through it all ok. Your son needs to look on the bright side of it all -- it's a good story to embellish the hell out of when girls ask "how did you get that scar?"

I'm glad you are ok, and hope that your son is back to normal very soon! It is so hard when they are ill or injured and we are too far away to swoop in and take care of them!

Thank Heavens you could keep in touch with things in Australia (I really love the 21st century). I hope your son recovers quickly. I'm glad to hear you survived Irene relatively unscathed. Good luck with the clean up.

I'm so glad that you literally weathered the storm. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your boy and for your own heart at having to deal with it so far away.

I hope things are better for your son. I know this is so hard for you not to be there with him. Glad the hurricane did not bring you damage that you cannot repair. Thinking of you.

Glad to know that you got through Irene alright, she had lost a lot of her steam by the time she reached us and all I had to deal with was power outages for a few hours. Very thankful.
Can't imagine the stress and heart pull of having your son injured and trying to help him from such a long way away. But thankful that you did and that it was not worse than it was.

I'm glad you came through it OK. I hope it wasn't too scary with you being by yourself. Hope your son is recuperating well.

so glad to hear all is well with you . we are fine here in so. jersey as well. sump pump still going thank heaven! been thru that long distance accident thing so I know how you feel but at least or best there is skype and the internet! hope he is doing ok.

Oh Marie! SO glad to hear that you are safe and coping with what the megastorm has thrown at you. Have been thinking of you hunkered down, reading by candlelight.

Not so good to hear about your boy - must be the season for it! Is your son here in Perth? If so, let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you or him. I mean it!

Hi Marie,
good to read the news because we are thinking a lot of you since the last days. We took the last chance to flight home on Friday. On Saturday all flights from Boston are cancelled. And than the accident of your son.. oh no... Can imagine how you feel as mother so far away from him. But hopefully all will be good soon with his injuries. What a drama!!!! Thinking of you xoxo

Good to hear that all is ok at your house. We all followed the happenings on TV over here in Europe. Hope your son is doing much better by now!!! Take care, Cyn

Glad to hear you are ok, sorry to hear about your son!!! Hope he is doing well, road rash can be a nasty ouch!!!

I got the clear and OKAY from all my friends in the area, Thank God

Hey kiddo! Whew! You are OK- and kitties? (we now have a sweet polydactyl 5-yr old cat- Bernie hand-delivered him to us 2 weeks ago- in Oregon!) So sorry about your son - so hard when you're so far apart- yes- TG for internet, skype(we don't have that) and all sorts of 'modern' communication devices...best of all- thanks for friends and family who see us through all this stuff. Hugs to you!!!!

Hi Marie,
Was thinking of you and am pleased to hear you came through the hurricane unscathed. As for the matter of sons in other countries we are mighty grateful for skype and other friends and relatives to help too. But the not being there is a bit scary.
Take care
Leanne Ford

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