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August 05, 2011


And now you have helped educate those of us, like me, who are not familiar with Bearden. So thanks for that! My biz partner & I have been on a 30 day challenge to create 30 patterns. It has been so beneficial to push ourselves to come up with something daily that we are satisfied with. Also it is now really in our system so we feel at a loss if we don't come up with something daily. We take weekends off and it is so interesting to feel the loss of the habit for those 2 days. Then it kicks back in on Monday. This is the last official week of the challenge but I'm sure we will keep the habit alive in a more casual way. So I agree that challenges have many benefits.

Very cool piece. Now I'm going to go look up Beardon.

My husband, with a PS assignment to design something for him with using a new technique that I learned just the other week... a good challenge,

You are SO right about getting challenged. It just FEELS different, doesn't it? I love that feeling. I've been feeling like I haven't been challenged, but right now I'm working with boxes (inside the box-HA!) because of upcoming birthdays and altering them. And that's a challenge because I am really having to Construct. I also loved constructing when I made that big woven journal I sent to you that is more like an OBJECT than something usable, but that can be USED in all its hol-yness. I loved a recent tissue paper collage I made, because I never use tiny little pieces of tissue paper, and as I was working with it, it metamorphosed into different visions and ideas. I loved it.

This challenge you are sharing here is really exciting in that this really is different for you but you DID IT. And your photoshop course has REALLY stretched me. So much so that I'm still working on lesson 9 (going on the second week of it). Refreshing!

Am I still talking?

I do like your piece very much! The fluid motion of the dancers keep the "boxiness" at bay and the musician sort of smooths it all out. I enjoyed researching Bearden and looking at his work, but nothing materialized for me. Will have to focus more on the next challenge :-)

Happy August!


Wow, sounds like a lot of the boundaries were not only pushed back, but were whacked with a big stick and told who's boss! Fantastic result - colour palette and compostion that I certainly would not have thought of without an external influence.

Well done!

Was looking through my NYC photos today - the first taken with a digital camera would you believe. I can't believe it's been 10 years to the month. Where has the decade got to?

Love you piece, not having heard of Beardon, after seeing his work, I'd say you rose to the challenge. In his style but still with your smooth signature. Because painting, creating art is all new to me everythings a challenge as yet. I'm always exploring, looking at new ways to texture, trying out new mediums and methods and it all is exciting to me!

I think you caught something of Beardon in your challenge. he is a favorite of mine. dont know where I first saw his work old art magazine probably. I do know some of his work is touring museums thru the country but dont know where! If you come across that info please let me know!. why dont you try a little Jackson pollack? he'd be a challenge

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