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August 03, 2011


you are definitely a digital wizardress extraordinaire! your book is wonderful and totally new york.

KUDOS on the street art book! Love the fire escapes, too. My daughter went to Columbia for her grad studies and it was always great to visit her in NY! Awesome project!


This are the pictures I like. Have also made so many graffiti pics in Hamburg, Munich and Cologne... but tomorrow morning we will start to New York... See you soon...

Dearest Marie,
You have an amazing eye, and incredible talent.
As a born and raised New Yorker, I must say....you've captured the apple extremely well.
Such a strong pulse of creativity that resonates within that marvelous city, no matter where one ventures there, don't you agree?
And oh.......the fire escapes; those were our Bronx "patios" back in the day, filled with greenery, flowers and pillows for "lounging" during the summer months. Can you imagine???LOL
Miss all of it. Thanks for the memories!!!!!
xo Gloria Martin

Really cool! Thanks so much.

What a treat Marie! I feel like you've given me a glimpse into such a great city, got to wander it's streets through your lens. Thank you for sharing :-)

What a great book! It makes me want to go to NYC and check it out!

so bright and cheerful.

Makes me want to go out walking and shoot.

fantastic - you really capture the gritty artistic side of NYC (although I've never been there, how is that?!!)! Look forward to seeing the other offerings.
PS - you were really up late (early?!!). xoxo Mary

You made a fine book there, what a fun project is that

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