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August 25, 2011


When I lived in California my cats ALWAYS forewarned me that an earthquake was about to happen.....they are soooooo in tune with nature. Amazing creatures and this is a fab shot of one of your kitties.

I can imagine the air pressure would be weird and all animals would get a bit twitchy.

Hang on honey--the eye should pass in the morning and things will start to get better. Now I know how you feel when I'm under the gun (worrying sucks!)

love ya
check in asap please

Stay safe!!!!
Been through one good blow down here - wasn't as bad as I thought but then this area is used to all the rain....

Hi Marie... just a quick message from Boston Airport on our way home. Hope Irene will not come so hard to Long Island. We are looking for our home now :-)
Bye and thank you so much for hosting us!

take care and squeeze the babies for me! the weather people seem to be easing up on the hype tonite. plenty rain less wind was the word in our area tonite! keep your fingers crossed!

Hope that storm blows out for you quickly and your kitties calm down

My cat always predicted earth quakes.

Marie, I've been reading about this. Of course, way over here in earthquake and brushfire country, I don't know much about hurricanes. This news is scary, and I'm concerned about you and yours. I feel badly for the little kitties who don't know what is going on but don't we wish we had that kind of intuition.

Topsie turvy, this weather, this climate change, and all these odd happenings. I don't find it entertaining. If there were flights not cancelled, I'd have you bring the kitties over here. It's only blindingly bright. No precipitation other than perspiration.

Please keep me posted, my friend.


The animals always know! Take care, it's heading our way on the east coast as well.

Take care of yourself and the cats!

It is oddly still and quiet...altho - right now and today -you'd never know what is coming. The animals are a lot smarter than us..they can sense the earth's shifts and sensations.

animals have special senses for that

Ah yes, they know when earthquakes are about to hit too!

We are battening down the hatches against Irene here in Virginia.

Best wishes to you and your family. Take good care!

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