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August 08, 2011


How cool to have an Aussie addition to the collection, fabulous idea too would be great fun to spend some time admiring everyone's creativity

Oh...I think I'm going to have to do this. So inspiring. And the next time I'm in the City (or Brooklyn)..and assuming it's still there - am gonna check it out. This is just great!!!

YOU rock the casbah. I love these photos! You get great photos, woman.
Thanks so much for the shout out. And I'm SO excited that you're joining in the Sketchbook Project for 2012! I haven't started mine, yet, but I have two trips, and two opportunities to PLAY! I'm very curious what theme you're going to pick...

Thanks for looking at my baby!

I have a friend who participated in this project. She was really happy she did it.

Thanks for letting me know that you got one of my postcards - glad you liked it.
Have enjoyed the connections that this swap is bringing. And how amazing, the library with all the sketch books - am tempted to have a go at one too.

How appropriate after your last couple of posts about challenging yourself vs your own style - certainly food for thought, thanks Marie. Ux

I did it last year and am doing it this year with a group of friends. We are encouraging each other and will post about it on our blog. We are thinking of starting a FlickR group too.

OK..I just ordered one...now you have to too. :) (Am I insane??)

Hi Marie! I recieved one of your postcards from the postcard swap today. It's the gorgeous house with a crow. I love it! Thanks so much for participating in the swap. :)


Nice one today Marie

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