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August 01, 2011


Great Banner, Lady !

Oh, just the peek at that exhibit is so cool!

oh, wow. OH WOW, Lady Liberty Looks Lovely.
What a great trip.
I have to admit that I get snarkasaurus when there are stalls of this magnitude, so it is always fantastic when something great can sweep that away and make me forget.

I'd love to see that Leica Gallery exhibit!

Great photos. Sorry about the traffic and the direction of the sun, but you made some great pictures from it all.

I loved Manhattan when I was there, a city to my heart

Phew! That sounds like quite the day. Love your pics and descriptions of things I've never had the chance to see or do. Great fun.

New York, New York... we are coming soon!!! Thanks for the little photo tour and the story you wrote :-) Looking forward to see you soon. Still booked the ferry from Port Jefferson.

If I could snap my fingers, or click my heels, I'd be back in NY in an instant. SUch a gret adventure playground you have there at your disposal - you create such vivid images and descriptions, it's almost like I'm walking with you.

My son Jez had to write a short story for Lit class- He wrote about 9/11. We were there one month before and it still haunts him.

You are all so courageous. Keep it up!



like your pics. but! did you look at how so many people were dressed ? sloppy, shorts showing off what? what ever happened to looking nice when you went out? I am sick of seeing overweight people who think they are glamorous and sexy! and I dont envy your drive to and fro either! grumpy this am!

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