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September 21, 2011


SNAP! Pretty much the same birth stats as Jez. Was yours a SJOG babe? As Murdoch was so new when Jez was born, each baby received a "Murdoch" bear to take home. We still have him somewhere with all the birth tags and my sort-of positive pregnancy test (it showed negative, the Dr threw it in the bin, but then fished it out when it turned positive ages later).

He's a good looking boy your David, will be be going onto Uni?

And - happy birthday!! They grow too fast!!!

Happy Birthday to your son, Marie. I can see how making a blog Birthday card can become a family tradition...I have only started this year for both my children and it's lot of fun to do.

Congratulations, Marie! Handsome, smart, and creative - watch out world! :)


so modern.

An online birthday card.

Wonder if that will work with my dad?

WHAT a Stunning card!!

Happy Birthday to David!

happy birthday! A son to be proud of that's for sure Marie. Love the digital art you created of him/for him, it's wonderful

They grow so fast my boys will be 16 October 5th. And the girls not to mention are 27 and 26 ouch I must be old.

Have a good 18th birthday.

Well happy birthday from Texas also, and best of luck with your future

thank you mum.
love you

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