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September 13, 2011


Oh Marie I am so sorry to hear about DAWG. Having lost 2 pets this past year I understand your anguish. Even if you get a new dog she will never be replaced in your heart.

i'm so awfully sorry you lost your Dawg!! that's just a terrible heartbreaking sort of thing. :( hugs to you from me. xo!

Oh..I so get this. I - too - was hesitant to replace our loved pup...but after just 2 weeks in the house alone - I found myself another to fill the empty space and void. It was - much to my surprise - not a replacement for the one I'd lost..but a new and much welcome addition to my life. Can't imagine not having a sweet pup!

I would be exactly the same without my four-legged loved one. Xo

I'm sorry for your loss. But I'm sure both of you had wonderful times together and you have fond memories of that to cherish.

I know how you feel. And, I understand about missing someone at the door; Cookie would get very excited when someone was at the door - I called it Doggie Alert (sometimes it was just because a dog was crossing in front of our lawn).

I miss her for you too.

Oh, I'm really sorry, my friend. It's so difficult.
This year has not been good to you. I'm lucky because I'm getting to know you.

Oh Marie, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how badly we miss them in our lives when they pass. I grieved for mine four solid years, still....I'll always miss her. Two years ago I finally felt it was time to allow another furry child into my life and I brought home a rescue.
My little love bug Bella, a small chihuahua. So now I've been blessed twice.
You will too.
xo Gloria xo

I know just what you mean.

I still have a dog, but he Does Not Care about who is coming or going.

All my corgis were all over monitoring ... everything.

At first I thought my current dog's hearing was going, after I lost the last corgi.

But no, I think it's that he just doesn't care when the mail carrier comes, for example...............

I never know, any more if the mail is here or not, unless I go out and look.

I just can't imagine being without my four legged shadow, they love so unconditionally, I hear you. Mx

Aw, Marie... I'm so sorry. She was such a mush. Sometimes we forget they are even there, but we certainly know when they are gone. I have been there, and know exactly how you feel. You gave her a good life. oxoxo

I'm sure you miss your girl but I'm also sure that at the animal shelter near you there is a puppy girl who needs you!. she'll be there waiting when you are ready! they know! I belly ache about my cat children. but I'd be so lost without them! you cant ever replace the one that has gone, but someone out there needs you.

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